Care and Commitment

Message delivered from UIC

Cares and Commitments:

Gratefulness for the courage of pioneers leads to the birth of our corporate. Thankfulness for the determination of successors leads to success of our corporate. Over 30 years efforts, UIC affirmed by Taiwan society thru wholeheartedly delivering services for clinical demand. From distributorship of prescription medicine extended to marketing of healthcare supplement, UIC generated enormous successful stories and accumulated abundant market experiences.

Doubtlessly follow our guideline to search for truth by science, be kind to people and be grace thru diligence. Promising a firm commitment to undertake our responsibility, devoting endless care for healthy and beauty of life. UIC thanks for support and encouragement from professional HCP and publics, advice and cooperation from partners, persistence and trustfulness from all employees and their families. Please enjoy the happiness of 30’s anniversary together with UIC.

UIC company creed:

PURSUING truth thru science, BEING generous to people, KEEPING honesty and diligence.

With great investment to people, UIC is able to get together with a group of employees and partners to accomplish our determined commitment for devotion to health and beauty of life.

UIC will endlessly devote to build a caring business with all the supports, trust and encouragement from clients, partners and employees for which we are grateful very much.